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VolkGo’s products offer comfort to parents and children without overloading parents with unnecessary baggage. Our bags come in compartmentalized and non-compartmentalized designs to meet diverse needs. We also have an assortment of baby travel items and all travel necessities for traveling parents. Our products are made for all kinds of conditions and sturdy enough for all situations.

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VolkGo will put the safety of your child above everything. If we have double thoughts about a product design in relation to safety, we will NOT let it go beyond that stage.

Quality Assurance

Every VolkGo product will be tested and retested for quality.


Careful thought and planning will be put into every VolkGo product to ensure that your child gets quality care.

Customer Reviews


Buy this ASAP!!! This is just what we needed for our son’s Evenflo car seat. It is durable and lightweight. I traveled by myself with my son and was able to carry it on my back with ease. The straps don’t cut into your arms either. After the initial use, my bag had a slight tear in the bag but the car seat was still undamaged. I contacted their amazing customer service team and they replaced my bag free of charge. Top-notch product from a great company! I recommend purchasing this to cover your car seats for travel.

Melissa Dodd

Just Buy It - Trust Me Bought this because we had 2 car seats to get from the car to baggage check and also had to get the car seats from the baggage check at our destination to the rental car shuttle and etc WHILE SHUFFLING KIDS!!! This did its job and more. We were not only able to fit one convertible car seat into the bag but we were also able to fit another Britax full-back booster in the bag so we were surprised we were able to fit both in this large bag. Sure my husband looked ridiculous with this very large backpack of car seats but it made the trip shuffling so much better. This is a great value for the price.