About Us

Established for Traveling Parents

VolkGo was born from a desire to help parents (especially parents of young children) cope with the demands of traveling. As a parent of young children myself, I have witnessed, firsthand, the troubles of being a traveling parent.

The desire to make traveling more enjoyable and less nightmarish inspired the creation of VolkGo. We hope to make traveling something to look forward to regardless of how far you have to go.

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No Extra Baggage

As a parent with kids, the last thing you need on your next travel is a misplaced bag

VolkGo’s products are designed to offer comfort to both parents and children without overloading parents with unnecessary baggage. Our bags come in compartmentalized and non-compartmentalized designs to meet a diverse range of needs. We also have an assortment of baby travel items and all necessities of travel for traveling parents. Our products are made for all kinds of needs and sturdy enough for all kinds of situations.

If you are looking for durability, stability, comfort and safety on a pocket-friendly budget, think VolkGo.

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Everything in its Right Place

Everything you need is within reach

You don‘t need to worry about losing any of your travel item; VolkGo will keep all your things organized and put everything in its right place.

The 3‑Star Promise


VolkGo will put the safety of your child above everything. If we have double thoughts about a product design in relation to safety, we will NOT let it go beyond that stage.

Quality Assurance

Every VolkGo product will be tested and retested for quality.


Careful thought and planning will be put into every VolkGo product to ensure that your child gets quality care.